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Östra Roddistriktsförbundet
Östra Roddistriktsförbundet

Ceren Boyaci

Name: Ceren Boyaci
Age: 35
Member of club: Akademiska Roddföreningen
Member since: May 2022

How and when did you find your way to rowing?
My husband (Deniz) started rowing in the end of 2021 and he inspired me.

This year’s summer was filled with competitions for all levels.
Did you compete this summer? Which competitions? How did it go? How did it feel?
I haven’t had the opportunity to compete. But I assume that I would enjoy that a lot!

The most important question: what made you stay?
I love being on the water. It is just this peaceful feeling that give me energy to come to open rowing* after a very long day at work.

The indoor season has just started for many of us. I will see you at next year’s Swedish Rowing Indoor Championships, right?
Why not?

Publicerad: 2023-01-30

Senast uppdaterad: 2023-05-22

Författare: Emma Söderman